Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives

APARAJITA project (Gender and Development project)

PAPRI has made a partnership with international NGO Steps Towards Development (Steps) at the aim to Strengthening movement to advance women rights and gender equality responding to violence against women and womens political participation. The key objectives are;

  1. Promoting human rights
    • Reducing incidences of violence against women including domestic violence
    • Reducing incidents of early marriage
    • Reducing sexual harassments
    • Encouraging prevent of Dowry
  2. Increasing women political participation in local and national government and also private
  3. Gender responsive Governance in government and non government

Major activities:

Awareness raising, Campaign, Advocacy, Training and Action oriented activities In this connection PAPRI has implementing project OPORAJETA. This project is designed for gender balance, human rights and good governance. Technical supported by: Steps towards Development (Steps) Working area: Belabo upazila in Narsingdi district Target beneficiaries are Women.

Recent Event

PAPRI has made an agreement for Basic literacy project in Belabo Upozila under Narsigndi DistrictsBPATC Training (60th Batch)Aparajita SommelonAcid Survivors ConferenceMr. Abu Based has been Awared by Shaptahik Bangalar DakMr. Abu Based, Executive Director of PAPRI has been AwardedMd. Abu Based Executive Director of PAPRI has awarded “Human Rights Shining Award-2015” from Human rights Foundation.ADM of Narsingdi is distributing financial check to Acid survivors gathering in gathering dayED of PAPRI delivering speech at Symposium in Japan