Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives

Acid Survivors Support Network for prevention and Better inclusion

Acid violence is a new heinous and tragic violence in the country; it is the state of Acid violence is a new heinous and tragic violence in the country; it is the state of throwing acid (Chemical substance- H2so4, HNo3) on human body. Mainly acid is thrown on face, neck and also other parts of the body. Acid burns skin, flesh sometime bone also. As a result victims lose their original beauty and create ugly shape. The victims are psychologically scattered from society and exploited from society by socio-economic form. Mainly women are mostly affected though few are male and children. To mainstreaming victims through providing psychological therapy, medical support, legal support as well as inclusion in income generating activities by forming their Network is the objective of the project

Target people: Acid survivors/Acid victims
Working area: Narsingdi district
Project period: July 2012 – March 2014
Major Activities

  • House visit of victims
  • Case management of survivors by need assessment
  • Group meeting of victims
  • Community meeting
  • School campaigning
  • Psychosocial clinic
  • Training of survivors ambassador
  • Psychosocial service to acid victims
  • Inclusion for Income generation
  • Linkage with service providers
  • Counseling support to the survivors

Recent Event

PAPRI has made an agreement for Basic literacy project in Belabo Upozila under Narsigndi DistrictsBPATC Training (60th Batch)Aparajita SommelonAcid Survivors ConferenceMr. Abu Based has been Awared by Shaptahik Bangalar DakMr. Abu Based, Executive Director of PAPRI has been AwardedMd. Abu Based Executive Director of PAPRI has awarded “Human Rights Shining Award-2015” from Human rights Foundation.ADM of Narsingdi is distributing financial check to Acid survivors gathering in gathering dayED of PAPRI delivering speech at Symposium in Japan