Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives

Empowerment of the Poor, Ultra Poor & Poor Handicapped in Narsingdi district through Micro-Credit Support

To boost up PAPRI's Credit Program, a request was made to the Embassy of Japan through Shapla Neer for financial assistance. The Embassy of Japan responded positively and provided fund to PAPRI in order to disburse soft loan to the beneficiaries in the working areas.


To empower the Poor, Ultra Poor and Poor Handicap people by increasing their income, working opportunity and raising their social status through providing adequate micro-credit support and skill development training as well as counseling and awareness-raising session.

Plan of Operation

Altogether 1200 beneficiaries are planned to be provided with a total of Tk. 62,25,329/-. Categories of the beneficiaries will be ultra-poor, poor and poor handicap. The credit support will be provided for the following four trades:

  • Purchase of Rickshaw/Van (RV)
  • Cattle Rearing (CR)
  • Crop Cultivation (CC)
  • Small Business (SB).

The poor people are hoped to be equipped with knowledge through discussions that would help them decide for their own development taking into account their economical and social needs. Their awareness about health and personal hygiene will be raised so as to enable them to prevent physical as well as economical sufferings caused by diseases. Emphasis will also be given to collective efforts of the poor disadvantaged people contributing to peace and social harmony.

Recent Event

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