Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives

Nippon Volunteer Support (NVS) High School Project

Mainstream education is one of the major focused areas of the organization. PAPRI is implementing different educational programs in its operational areas. Batiband is a village of Narayanpur Union under Narsingdi district, where educational facilities especially at the higher secondary level were scarce. Therefore, many students especially girls were not in a position to have secondary education. As a result, a significant number of students would drop out after completion of primary education, and the girls were the worse sufferers who had to stop their study forever and embrace the fate of early marriage. Under these circumstances, PAPRI proposed for fund to SHAPLA NEER to establish a high school in the village. It was benevolent of SHAPLA NEER to convince Nippon Volunteer Support, Japan to provide fund for the school.


Quality of education and learners' entrance to secondary education will be enhanced in Narayanpur and Shallabad Union under Belabo Upazila of Narsingdi district.


  • To ensure enrollment of the learners especially of the girls in secondary high school.
  • To reduce dropout rate of the children completing primary education.
  • To raise capacity of the educational institution (Nippon Volunteer Support High School) in regard to ensuring quality education and fund mobilization.

PAPRI established NVS High School in 2003 with assistance from Nippon Volunteer Support, Japan. At present (April 2009), a total of 466 students are studying at the school. The High School staff includes 16 teachers and 2 officials.

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