Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives

Children Education Program through Community Mobilization [CEPCM]

Activities (Output-1): 1.1 : Project orientation to SMC at school level 1.2 : Exposure visit for selected SMC member 1.3: Participate and assist to organize SMC meeting Activities (Output-2): 2.1: Community people are involved themselves in children enrollment 2.2 : Volunteers are visited home and communicated irregulars, dropout children and parents 2.3: Collect children information Activities (Output-3): 3.1 Meeting with school teacher quarterly. 3.2 : Performed annual sports 3.3: Performed literacy day observation Activities (Output-4): 4.1: Project orientation meeting at union parishad 4.2 : Project sharing meeting at union parishad level Activities (Output-5): 5.1: Project orientation meeting at district level 5.2: Project sharing meeting at district level 5.3: Project orientation meeting at upazila level 5.4: Project sharing meeting at Upazila level 5.5: Learning and achievement are published in mass media

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